Toyota sells the Prius III Technology to China

There was shocking news from China that Toyota Motor Corporation plans to sell his pride hybrid technology found on the third generation Prius to the FAE Group. Currently ongoing conversation. However, both sides agreed to keep it a secret to the public. They also discussed plans Prius production locally in China.
As reported by chinacartimes, Tuesday (29/03/2011), Toyota discuss ongoing delays to the launch of the Prius to the Chinese market. Originally it was scheduled in the first half of 2010, but later shifted to the second semester and until now has not eventuated. This includes local assembly plan for the Prius which also canceled at the end of last year because it did not obtain fiscal incentives from the Government of China.
After selling hybrid technology, said the source, Toyota and FAW Group will develop a plug-in hybrid vehicle new. This source information is true because before Toyota and the China Automotive Technology and Research Center have signed a cooperation in the trial plug-in hybrid Prius on the road for one full year.
According to local industry analysts opinion, the negotiations the two brands occurred not because of money, but because each principal can have what they need. Toyota and FAW need the Chinese market need hybrid technology. Until now, car manufacturers still lag behind China's independent innovation. That is, it did not come from cultures that had been done tracing. Meanwhile, Toyota need strong local partners to market the Prius became the world's best-selling hybrid car.
Slowly but surely, the automotive industry in China continues to develop themselves in new vehicle technology to create fuel from non-fossil energy. It is also highly appreciated the state government.

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