Birth City Terrorist Attack Saddam, 56 Killed

 A group of terrorists attacked Saddam Hussein's hometown, Tikrit, killing 56 people and wounding dozens more. Presumably this is another act of the militant group al-Qaeda to disrupt Iraq's security.
Reporting from the page the Associated Press, the attack occurred on Tuesday, March 29, 2011, at 13:00 local time. The attack in Salahuddin province, 130 km from the capital Baghdad, began blasting a car mess up the attention of the Iraqi army and coalition patrol.
According to eyewitness reports, some of the terrorists wearing military clothing. They claimed to be Iraqi army officer at a checkpoint at a government office. When about to be checked, the terrorists gun down officers with bullet directly.
These terrorists are a direct shot at random to some people they see. Some pedestrians also become victims. Some of the terrorist suicide bombers, making the victim more and more.
"The terrorists armed with grenades and opened fire randomly in the reception room," said Salahuddin provincial governor spokesman, Ali Abdul-Rihman. He added one of his victims even burned by terrorists.
According to the health chief Salahuddin, Raied Ibrahim, this event killed 56 people and wounding 98 others. A total of 15 of them are hostages of the terrorists who executed the shot right on the head.
One of those killed were Iraqi journalists, Sabah al-Bazi, a contributor to Reuters, Al-Arabiya and CNN.
No militant group claimed any such attack. But the Iraqi government said the pattern of attacks and bombings are the hallmark of al-Qaeda group. A similar pattern has also been carried out al-Qaeda at a church in Baghdad, in November last year, killing 68 people.
Baghdad University political analyst, Hassan Kamil, said this attack is yet another indication of the militant rebels will not surrender, and stop their terror in Iraq.
"This attack is to show the public, although progress occurs, the rebellion was still alive. Security is still very fragile,"

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