Cheater Beauty Around You

Polite, generous, jaunty, fun and beautiful. The figure was raised from Rasellya Rahman Taher alias Selly Yustiawati. Suck, if many people believe, to entrust their money is used for business electronic vouchers, which later turned out to fictitious.
Because football terjangnya it, Selly became celebrities in cyberspace. In a number of community pages such as forum sites, Facebook and Twitter busy gossiping Selly. Any sexy photo spread if we use a search engine on the internet.
The news circulated, Selly victim is not small. Because widow child one has to perform an action since 2006. That year, a number of University student Moestopo Selly because of fraud reported to the Jakarta Police.
Selly promising women students into a sales promotion girl (SPG), provided that they deposit Rp200 thousand per person. About 30 students persuaded, Selly Rp6 million had fled.
Fraud continues in 2008. At that time, he became the staff of Hotel Gran Mahakam HRD. Modus this time is to offer cheap credit.
Selly action took place in the Kompas Gramedia in 2009. Deception mode unchanged. Offer cheap credit and borrow money for their needs. The total money collected from employees of Compass Rp30 million. These allegations Selly says "My friends at Compass there were six people who I borrowed the money, it was already completed."
Although many cases of alleged fraud to the Selly, but surprisingly, the Polda Metro Jaya has not received reports from the public. In fact, the Metro Jaya police chief, Inspector General Sutarman ask the people who are victims of Selly Yustiawati immediately reported. "Residents are expected to report to be coordinated to Polda Jabar," said Sutarman.
At crowded reported Selly lunge kick until he was caught in Bali, March 27, 2011, the story of a beautiful woman arrested came from Police Headquarters. Citibank is a manager named Malinda Dee (MD) who was arrested for breaking into customer money. Rp17 billion figure. Fantastic.
Just like Selly, Malinda became a byword in cyberspace. His photo spread also on community sites. Reporters tried to make sure the photo was circulated to the police. "Yes it is (photo)," said Head of Public Relations Division of Police, Inspector General of Police Anton Bahrul Alam at Police Headquarters, Jakarta.
 Malinda was famous for tajir. He has a car that cost billions of dollars, Hammer. Picture this expensive car was also decorated on the internet. But the police had confiscated his car.

Now, Malinda who also married a young artist, Andhika Gumilang was already determined to be suspect and detained. Anton said, Malinda addition, police also arrested D, a teller who embezzled funds to help MD Citibank customer. Both are now in custody.

The 47-year-old Malinda and D snared by Law No. 8 of 2010 concerning money laundering.

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