December, HTC HD and Desire Desire Z Present

HTC Corp. increase its smartphone product line which is marked by the launch of HD and HTC HTC Desire Desire Z in Indonesia. Not just a regular smartphone, both HTC Sense offers a new experience that offers the ease of creating, sharing, and access multimedia content.
For users of HTC, HTC Sense quite familiar in the ears. He can be found in the products previous HTC smartphones. However, at the Desire Desire HD and Z, the service is brought to a much different level than before, which was followed by a series of HTC service-connected or it is called
With HTC's latest Sense, users can optimize the HD camera. Apart from a slingshot and record HD video, the user is also possible to edit images with different camera effects. Users also can enjoy it on the widescreen TV wirelessly or without to be connected with an HDMI cable (high-definition multimedia interface).
In addition, HTC also offers HTC Locations Sense, which is an online mapping application with a new experience. Interestingly, access maps are relatively more quickly than Google Maps and no roaming charge for data.
"Because we have different maps with Google Maps. For areas that had been visited previously, users do not have to wait long because there is sort of like cookies on the Web,
Both users HD and HTC Desire Desire Z can enjoy e-reading online using a new e-book store that uses Kobo as the engine, just like those found on the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Palm Pre. Features of this new e-reader includes the ability to annotate search for definitions or translations of foreign terms quickly.
Then, in addition to HTC Sense, what other advantages offered by HTC on HD and Desire Desire series Z?
HTC Desire HD
HTC forward Desire HD LCD screen of 4.3 inch high-definition-capable. Thus, one can guess that this smartphone focuses on multimedia capabilities. He is also equipped with Dolby Mobile and SRS Virtual Sound for the sound quality is more qualified. Besides supported Qualcomm 8255 processor 1GHz Snapdragon, Desire HD also armed with 8MP camera, equipped with dual-flash and video recorder HD720p. His face was quite elegant with aluminimum solid block, like that found on previous HTC smartphones smartphone.

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