Toyota Number One in the World

Toyota Motor Corp. announced it had sold 8.420 million vehicles globally in 2010. Sales of Toyota became the largest in the world since the last three years.
As reported by the Associated Press, Monday, January 24, 2011, Toyota is still thin lead of its main opponent, General Motors. And Toyota has hit a number of problems, especially large-scale withdrawal (recall) in North America.
Throughout last year, GM posted sales of 8.39 million units, far higher than 2009 sales of only 7.48 million units. "The race two giants seem increasingly tight," said Yasuaki Iwamoto, auto analyst at Okasan Securities Co. in Tokyo. "General Motors is going strong, and these signs of reappearance."
Toyota's global sales, including trucks owned by Hino Motors Ltd. and Daihatsu Motor Co.-owned cars were up 8 percent from 2009. The increase was driven by solid sales growth in China and other Asian countries.
Toyota Motor Corp. beat General Motors as the world's largest car maker in 2008. While GM's sales were the highest for nearly eight decades. However, finally GM is now called General Motors Co., went bankrupt and forced the U.S. government to rescue her.
George Hansen, GM spokesman in Tokyo, minimize the importance of the world's greatest sales figures. "We do not focus on who is number one," he said. He claimed, General Motors has increased its sales more than double digits in five of the 10 major markets.
Sales in China surged 28.8 percent to 2.35 million vehicles. "Toyota on the contrary, in China only sold 846 thousand vehicles," said Hansen.
GM also has increased sales by 12.4 percent in the Russian market and 10.4 percent in Brazil. But in her home, in the U.S., GM's sales grew only 6.3 percent to 2.21 million vehicles.
However, for Toyota, the main thing is the number one selling. "Our goal is to become number one," said Toyota spokesman Paul Nolasco.
Toyota, which developed rapidly after the great shocks to issue a recall done on a large scale in 2009. More than 10 million vehicles around the world drawn by reason of damage to the gas pedal, slippery floors, and harmful software.
No doubt, the North American market, the largest area experiencing withdrawal, has fallen dramatically. In 2010, penjulan Toyota fell 2 percent to 1.76 million units. This is the only brand that experienced declining sales in North America.
For the Japanese market, Toyota fared better. Tax incentives from pemerntah to green vehicles making the Prius hybrid sales boom. Prius ranked the best-selling car in Japan in 2010 with annual sales of 315,669 cars, up 51 percent from a year earlier.
Despite sluggish economy, overall, Toyota's sales in Japan jumped 10 percent last year to 2.20 million vehicles. Meanwhile, Toyota's total sales outside Japan, also up 7 percent to 6.21 million vehicles. Toyota vehicle sales in China surged 19 percent and 24 percent in Asia, excluding Japan.

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