Enable Japanese Isuzu factory

For ATPM Isuzu worldwide berlega be careful because IsuzuMotors Limited (IML) in Japan has enabled the production ofengine and components plant in Fujisawa (near Tokyo) andTochigi (north of Tokyo) today, (Monday, 03/28/2011). As reported by Nikkei (28 / 3), the following steps are Izusu commercial vehicleassembly facility and trucks in the same location starting next week(5 April) along with the export component.

Isuzu spokesman refused to explain further how much of lossesafter the company stopped production since March 11, 2011.However, he is simply declaring, of the two existing factory Isuzuproduce 800-900 units per day.

Yohannes Nangoi, Vice President Director of PT Isuzu Astra MotorIndonesia, said last week, Indonesia's position is still safe Isuzucomponent stock until May 2011. He believes the principalimmediately recover from a bad condition and could be operating again soon.

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