250cc Yamaha Motor India Prepare

Yamaha India claimed again set a new 250cc motorcycle, is suppose to rival the Honda CBR 250R. But the launch was kept secret and Yamaha shut tightly all the relevant additional information. 

"In the future, we will be bringing new motorcycles 200-250 cc segment to India," said Hiroyuki Suzuki, Managing Director and Chief Executive Yamaha Motor India Private Limited, without explaining more specific, as reported by motorbeam, last weekend. 

This plan is consistent with the information that was sticking out in the local media India, that want to market New Yamaha Scorpio (as in Indonesia). The difference is that sport type motorcycle 225cc engine, which raised speculation there will be other products on top of filling segment (250cc). 

Hiroyuki added, Yamaha India's ambition to increase sales and production capacity within two years (until 2013). Will also explore export to several countries in Africa and South America by supplying the entry-level segment. 

"African Market requires basic motorcycle like Crux and FZ, the South American market while we prepare YBR,"

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