Failed to Finish, It Reason Schumacher

Michael Schumacher could not finish all the laps on the opening series races in the Formula 1 season, 2011, Sunday, March 27, 2011. Schumacher decided to pull over for safety reasons.

Race at Albert Park Circuit, Melborune, Scumacher had the misfortune on the first lap. The car that the German racer ridden diseruduk Toro Rosso, Jaime Alguersuari in the third corner.

As a result, the back of Schumacher's car was damaged. These conditions forced the seven-times world champion and entered the pit. Schumacher had time to continue the race before it pulled over on lap 19.

"I actually started the race well and made ​​some positions. I've made ​​it through Kobayashi, but when the first corner is a bit tight so I had to reduce speed," said Schumacher told the BBC.

"That's not what, I went back to try and continue to drive up to the third corner until someone hit the rear of the car I do not know exactly what happened,"added Schumacher.

Schumacher added that this incident caused the back of his car shattered. Damage to the rear tire and the floor of the car.

"When broken, the tires will turn into splinters and the part near the tire fragments are very dangerous," said Schumacher.

"On top of that, we believe we have bent suspension because I feel the discrepancy between the left and right so uncomfortable when I tried to pass 20 laps," he continued.

"But I think the result will not be comparable and I think right to decide aside for security reasons for not taking any risks

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