Zah Rahan Minimize left behind Persipura So 1-2

Bandung - a creative midfielder Zah Rahan Persipura Jayapura minimize the position of the host Persib be 1-2. Zah Rahan Goal created 74 minutes after the escape from the escort the players back Persib.

Show slick throughout 70 minutes, the back line finally Persib shortcoming and provide room for midfielder is Liberia.

With kick measurable, Zah Rahan goal nets capable of ripping 'Maung Bandung' who escorted Cecep Supriatna.

Since the whistle kick off the second half began, both teams continue to demonstrate the game to attack. Tirelessly carried out the attack, Persipura finally able to reduce lag.

After the position to be 1-2, both teams scored more and more anxious to the opposing goal. Both teams continued to try to suppress the opponent's defense.

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