Former President It Submit to the People's Treasure

Former President of South Korea (ROK), Kim Young-sam, announced it would donate all his wealth for the benefit of society. Kim's children will not inherit his father's dime.
Kim on Wednesday, January 5, 2010, said that he would not live much longer and he brings his wealth will not die. That's why he wanted to give all his assets to the community.
"Everything is finished when you die. You're not going to live forever, "Kim said as quoted by the Korea Herald newspaper pages.
Kim did not provide details about the donation he would give, but one employee said that Kim will give the house his residence in Seoul and on the island of Geoje to non-governmental organization which he founded.
Employees who do not want to be named also said that the birth of Kim's house, also located in Geoje island will be given to local government of the island. It is estimated that all these assets are worth five billion won, or about Rp. 39.5 billion.
Kim wanted all this property is given all for the benefit of society, he did not even give them to children. "No need to give property to my children, I think it is best to give it back to the community," said Kim.
Former politician who has 84-year-old was once led as president of South Korea during 1993 to 1998. Kim made history as the first civilian president after a military junta ruled South Korea for decades.
Give all assets to the community seems to have become a trend among former officials or the president. In addition to Kim Young-sam, earlier in the year 2009 the current South Korean president, Lee Myung-bak said it would donate all his wealth after he ended his tenure.
Lee property is estimated at 33.1 billion won or about USD. 260 billion will be used for youth scholarship program.
"All my profits, which I gathered through a lifetime of hard work, very precious to me. I have long thought, that is very nice if my property is used in a way that is good for society, "Lee said as quoted by CNN page, July 7, 2009.

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