Japanese Jelly Manufacturers Dangerous Product Pull

Manufacturer of jelly confectionery brand "Konnyaku" from Japan, MannanLife Co.., Pulled its product from the market last Wednesday. The problem is not as tainted with melamine as emerging occurred in China-made dairy products. However, these snacks can make life pemakannya drift when it comes to stuck in the throat.
The Japan Times newspaper on its Web site edition Thursday, October 9, 2008, revealed that the producers stop producing and cancel delivery of products. That's because there have been reports that since 1995 has been 17 who died choking while enjoying the jelly. The victim was diverse, ranging from children to elderly people The latest case occurred last month when a one-year-old boy from Hyogo Prefecture died choking while chewing jelly.
Mannan Life Co.. based in Gunma Prefecture will advertise in various media, including television media, about the dangers of their products. Plus there are some traders who still sell the product.
Konnyaku is a confectionery made from cassava tubers konnyaku (konjac). Its texture is like rubber, harder than the jelly in general, making small children and the elderly is difficult to swallow. Jelly is often referred to as the "devil's tongue" or "evil tongue."
Hisa Anan, Secretary General of Organization of Consumers Union said, "Why wait for 13 years to pull it when it takes 17 victims? Governments must take responsibility. "
Jelly konnyaku very popular for Japanese people because of healthy, low calorie, and fibrous much so suitable for those who want to lose weight. Konnyaku is easily found in supermarkets, mini, and drug stores. However, sales were restricted in the United States (U.S.), South Korea, Australia, and European Union countries. The European Union banned the sale of konnyaku altogether. While the United States, Australia, and South Korea issued a rule about the minimum size of products so that consumers can chew with ease.

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