Two Injured Workers Exposed to Radioactive

Two workers at the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Fukushima Daiichi suffered injuries from exposure to radioactive elements. Content of radiation in their bodies are now in dangerous levels.

According to the page the Associated Press, Thursday, March 24, 2011, three workers exposed to radioactive elements, two of whom were injured. They were wounded in the leg, so it can not continue the work and was rushed to hospital for treatment.

According to a report from a spokesman for Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency of Japan, Fumio Matsuda, they hurt when they wanted to install electric cables in one reactor unit.

After undergoing preliminary investigation, said Matsuda, two workers had been exposed to radiation up to 180 milliseverts, a little longer to reach the limit set by the Japanese government.

Up to now, has more than 24 people working at nuclear power plants which were injured in an attempt to regain control of nuclear reactor damaged by the earthquake and tsunami two weeks ago.

The situation in the nuclear power plant experienced ups and downs in recent days. Previously reported to electricity has been successfully applied to the second reactor unit is damaged refrigeration. However, there has been no recent developments regarding this.

As a result of damage to the cooling too, radiation levels at the site could not be ascertained. Hundreds of thousands of residents in areas around nuclear power plants have been evacuated.

A recent report, the officer has poured 18 tons of sea water into the reservoir to the cooling pond. This step is successful in reducing reactor temperature to 50 degrees Celsius. However, experts say that the situation in new nuclear plants will recover in time for months after workers replace the damaged components and ensure no gas leakage

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