Japanese Tsunami, It's Shape Ferrari Sympathy

form of caring and sympathetic sports world to disasters in Japan continues to flow. Now turn to Ferrari who participated and provided support.

Today, Friday, March 25, 2011, the Italian team put a special sticker that is dedicated to Japanese citizens who became victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

In preparation before the series opener between the Formula 1 circuit at Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, a team that is identical to the red color is trying to put the Japanese flag sticker on the car's front wing. Stickers placed on automobile Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa.

Also printed on a sticker reading "Forza Giappone". The official website of Ferrari, the Ferrari wants to show the Japanese people for their sympathy after the country was beaten sakura earthquake and tsunami disaster.

Series opener F1 race will be open March 27 later in Melbourne, Australia. at the Albert Park circuit which has a length of 5303 km path later, Alonso and Massa will also compete in 58 laps

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