Want to Pay Mistake Alonso in F1 2011

The Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso wants to pay a mistake in F1 last season with F1 world champion 2011.

F1 2010 season may be who want to soon forget Alonso. Just need to finish in fourth position on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix series final to become world champion, Alonso eventually finished in seventh position after a mistake in pit strategy. World champion finally stolen racer Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Racing.

Coming to the series opener F1 Grand Prix 2011 in Australia, March 27, 2011, Alonso stated its readiness to pay for mistakes in last season. F1 world champion 2005 and 2006 confirms its main target is to win the F1 world champion 2011.

"I think if you race to Ferrari, then there is no other target except the world champion. That is the history of Ferrari, Ferrari power. This team is about passion, car racing and winning, it is clear that our target, the target of Ferrari for the 2011 season, "Alonso said as quoted by Autosport, Thursday, March 24, 2011.

"In the end you can win or lose, depending on how competitive you are, and depending on other factors. Surely I will be there to compete,"added Alonso.

Alonso then hope his team mate, Felipe Massa, can improve performance and compete after only able to occupy the sixth position at the end of the season. Alonso admitted there is no first or second driver at Ferrari.

"I do not feel like a racer's number one year ago, and I'm not number one this year. We want to do my best, Felipe has performed strongly throughout his career. In the end he might just lose a lot of points, 'said Alonso.

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