Most Efficient Cars Daihatsu Dibanderol Rp 86 Million

Daihatsu Motor Company is preparing a new model in Japan claimed the most economical with fuel consumption of 30 km per liter. This car will be priced 800,000 yen or USD $ 86 million and was developed from the Concept E: S has ever shown at last year's IIMS.

Daihatsu plans to launch this model next summer, around August 2011. This new product will compete with hybrid tech car with economical fuel consumption of Japan.

Daihatsu plans put forward by Kousuke Shiramizu, one of the directors of Daihatsu Motor, in a speech in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, and reported by the Nikkei, today.

Until this news was issued, there has been no official comment from the Daihatsu is launching a new product still in the same schedule or be delayed due to earthquake and tsunami. The reason, Daihatsu became one of the producers who suffered production disruptions due to a discontinued component supply chain.

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