Prius Start Again Produced

After two weeks without any clarity, Toyota Motor Corporation announced at last began to activate two Tsutsumi factory in central Japan and Toyota Motor Kyushu in southern Japan, March 28, 2011. Both factories are producing the Prius and two Lexus models, namely CT250h and HS250h.

As reported by autoevolution, Thursday (3/24/2011), was recorded as the first announcement after the closing of the facility conducted on 11 March. Toyota's production in other factories still can not operate because of the slow component supply.

"We're doing this because it models (Prius and Lexus) is an excellent and very large demand. Production can be done with the supply of new components that come from suppliers in other regions, but our first slowly and see what difficulties still exist in the supply chain , "beber Paul Nolasco as reported by autonews, Thursday.

Toyota also warned of its production facilities in North America to not cut the hours of factory work because of lack of supplies from Japan. All of Toyota's production activities around the world began to pressure and can only survive one to two months with stock components. This is no exception occurred in Indonesia.

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