Powerful robots are Against Radiation

In the midst of a nuclear crisis that occurred in Japan, demonstrating a powerful robots are ready to fight tooth and radiation. Some robots specially imported from Australia, the United States, and France in order to overcome problems related to the reactor in Fukushima.
Want to know what it's robots? Here goes the list:
1. Monirobo (Monitoring Robot)
Monirobo designed to work in an environment with radiation levels are too high for humans. Robots weighing 600 kg has a manipulator arm to remove the obstacles and take samples. In addition, this robot is also equipped with radiation detectors, 3-dimensional camera, as well as temperature and humidity sensors.
1.5-meter-tall robot was developed by Japan Nuclear Technology Safety Center and the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan after the events Tokaimura nuclear accident in 1999. Able to move with speed 2.4 km / h, this robot has a protective anti-radiation necessary to protect the sensors and electronic equipment he had.
2. Rainbow 5
This robot is the first robot production Tokyo Fire Department. Introduced in 1986, this robot is actually a robot and used water hoses during fire situations too dangerous for humans. This robot help with hoses to spray water along 800 feet directly into the spent fuel pools at reactor number 3 for 13 hours.
3. Packbots and 710 Warriors 510
Both robots were developed by the iRobot Corporation of Bedford in Massachusetts. This robot can move more swiftly than Monirobo. Both were able to climb stairs, even the Warriors be able to pull the hose. The weakness of the two robots are not having a protective layer of radiation.
4. Erase, EROS, and ERELT
Erase, EROS, and ERELT are robots developed by INTRA (Groupe d'Intervention sur Robotique Accidents). The three robots are specifically designed to cope with a nuclear accident. Erase weighs 6 tons and has a powerful hydraulic manipulator. The EROS is devoted to operations in the room. Meanwhile, ERELT a radio relay robot that can be controlled from a distance of several kilometers. Shipping robot was canceled because of Japan said it is not needed it.

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