Two Japanese Tourists Treated by Radiation

Two Japanese tourists hospitalized in China due to severe radiation levels after they arrived by commercial plane from Tokyo. China's safety watchdog said on Friday (03/25/2011). China Party, said serious radiation levels exceed the limits detected at the two men when they arrived in the eastern city of Wuxi on Wednesday.
A number of countries have banned and stop the import of dairy products, fruits, and vegetables fresh from Fukushima Prefecture and its surroundings because of radioactive leaks at the Fukushima nuclear power plant damaged by the earthquake and tsunami on 11 March. Some countries also report has detected radiation in the region, including Germany and Finland. German radiation protection authorities Thursday said they were checking for traces of radioactive pollution from Japan, the Braunschweiger Zeitung newspaper reported.
"The release of large amounts of radiation in Japan will exacerbate the situation seriously," said Chairman of the German Radiation Protection Authority Federal Wolfram Koenig, during his interview with the daily. "However, in Europe and Germany, we can only examine the traces of radiation," said Koenig added.
An official with the Environmental Monitoring of Russia, Wednesday, said the radioactive particles from nuclear power plants in Fukushima damage can spread throughout the world in the coming weeks. However, they will not affect the background radiation and does not threaten health.
Radioactive pollution around the power plant severely damaged by a series of explosions within a few days after the earthquake and tsunami on Friday (11 / 3) are still at high levels with levels of radioactive iodine in sea water exceeds 147 times the safe limit. German authorities ordered a halt to construction of the reactor to seven of the 17 others who owned the country for safety checks after accident in Japan.

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