'Rocket Vyborg' Trophy was Get Sleep Together

Melbourne - Last season Vitaly Petrov became the first Russians to compete in F1. This season he "level up" by becoming the first Russians to set foot on the podium. He would like to celebrate by sleeping together with a new trophy in hand.
Vitaly Aleksandrovich Petrov started the race in the arena of "Forces Jet 'since the 2010 season ago. It was his best achievement was finishing in the top five in the series to-12 in Hungary.
In addition to these achievements, Petrov inaugural season in F1 was not spelled out that good. Finish the season at position 13, the Renault driver was still under the shadow of his teammate Robert Kubica who finished in top eight.
The results did not satisfy the time to make the position at Renault Petrov threatened. Men born in Vyborg 8 September 26 years ago was itself in the process managed to retain his seat on the team.
However, entering the second season in F1 Petrov immediately kicked. With a number of new regulations in the 2011 season, he could end the race debut in Australia in the top three.
Drivers are in their home country nicknamed 'Rocket Vyborg' it reaches a position not easily. The problem, he continues threatened by Fernando Alonso of Ferrari who eventually finished fourth.
Success inhibit F1 world champion Alonso twice undoubtedly add to the sweetness of success Petrov on the podium, accompanied two other F1 world champion, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton.
"I'll sleep with her tonight!" he cried to the BBC, referring to the trophy which he won the race.
Petrov incision that's for sure also made Russia proud, especially since the country plans to hold a F1 race since 2014.

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