Taxable Penalty, Button Frustration

Melbourne - Jenson Button's intention to achieve good results at the Australian Grand Prix series opener because of the dispersed penalty on himself. Top incident Button also admitted frustration.
From the beginning the race at Albert Park on Sunday (03/27/2011) afternoon local time, Button and Felipe Massa vying with each other posis to-5. Button continues to stick to strict Massa is in front.
Around the 12th lap Button finally able to overtake Massa around the corner yet again overtaken by the Brazilian driver. To then Button able to take over the position of the 5th again in a corner after he was following the mass.
Unfortunately Button passed Massa by illegal means ie through the outer side of the track and consequently he was hit by a penalty from race stewards. But in akhrinya Button able to finish in front of the crowd that in order to-6 while in a position to Massa-9.
He considered what was done was not against the rule because it was already in front of the crowd before the incident. What happened was finally recognized Button had annoyed him.
"Start me okay and I was surprised to see Petrov overtaking. He forced me to widen and I was stuck behind Massa. And it was the worst movement during the race because he was very slow and very difficult to overtake," Button said as quoted by Autosport.
"He's blocking very well but we are also very slow. Then I menyoba overtake on lap 11 or 12 and she too took to the inside. He makes too wide. I can not cornered again, so I cut it. I was in front before entering the bend and then I do not know what to do, "he continued.
"Tim said 'stay in position, we see what will steward say', but when Ferrari's see what happens then they sent Massa entered the pit and after that I got a penalty."
"I do not know it is allowed or not, but I got a penalty and I must find a way to go back (to race) where it is fun. But so far left it makes me very frustrated because kecepatanku better than that," close the 2009 world champion it.

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