This severity of Life The Samurai Japanese Nuclear

Fight to the end, the determination of the workers Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Fukushima Dai-Ichi who now risk his life to overcome the nuclear crisis.
The lives of the 'nuclear samurai' - so they are known factory, far from comfortable. They sleep wherever they find an empty place - in a conference room, corridor, even on the stairs - on the mat leaded antiradiasi, with a blanket, no pillow.
Every day they only eat two times - 30 biscuits and vegetable juice for breakfast, and canned food for dinner. There is no enough water to bathe, workers must use wet wipes to clean yourself.
This is the living conditions of workers in the Fukushima nuclear power plant is crippled. Those who are willing to live in the midst of high levels of radiation in order to save Japan, is recognized as a hero. Not only by the people of Japan, also by the world. However, until now, little information is known about the routine of the workers.
Last Tuesday, the safety inspector, Kazuma Yokota, who had stayed five days in the NPP, told CNN, describing the suffering 400 workers who live in a building which is about 1 kilometer from the reactor number 1. In fact, the Japanese government has ordered the evacuation of anyone who lived within a radius of 20 kilometers from the reactors.
"The workers look tired," said Yokota, such as loaded CNN, March 29, 2011. They are trying hard connecting electrical wires, fix the instrument panel, and pumping out the water radioactive.
The workers worked alternately, three days in the NPP. Work started at 08.00 and ends 12 hours later.
They work with each tragedy burden caused by the earthquake and tsunami last March 11, 2011. "My parents tsunami waves swept away, until now I do not know their whereabouts," said one worker in an electronic mail that is verified authentic by Tokyo Electric Power Co., which manages the Fukushima nuclear power plant.
But, he added, there's no point crying. "Even if they go to hell, what we can do is try to enter into heaven," he said.
Despite working in tough conditions, the workers at the Fukushima nuclear power plants are the ones that meet the requirements demanded for high-risk jobs such as this. No one fell spirits, they do not show signs of surrender.
Praising the workers previously disclosed Cabinet Secretary, Yukio Edano. "The workers risked their lives under dangerous and harsh conditions. For me, they are very respectable."
Until then, they will continue to act the hero whose name is unknown. Their identity is deliberately obscured. However, they are Japan's only hope to prevent a more devastating nuclear disaster.


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