Enrique Iglesias Britney Cancel Concert Together

Britney Spears is at its best moment - when Enrique Iglesias is not just cancel the concert with her abruptly. After his seventh album out, Spears announced her summer tour with Enrique Iglesias. But it turns out Billboard reported that Iglesias withdrew from the tour with it.

A spokesman for Iglesias Iglesias announced the cancellation of plans to roll out on tour with Spears, just hours after Spears announced a tour with them on the show 'Good Morning America. "Rather than hold a concert with Spears, Iglesias will actually own tour to promote her new album,' Euphoria. "

"Enrique is great respect for Britney. He is also a fan of Britney's works. He is very sorry this has caused confusion, "said the spokesman was quoted as saying People. Spears own tour scheduled to begin on June 17, 2011 in Sacramento, California, and ending on August 13, 2011 in Toronto, Canada.

Spears was apparently too early to announce plan to tour with it, because the talks by the Billboard record label had not yet reached agreement. Initially, the Spears would like to Iglesias appeared to open the concert. But Iglesias seems to want to hold his own concert in full, not only as a singer opener. (SJ)

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