Suggest Rotation Toyota Production in Japan

The crisis of power supply to 15 percent in Japan due to natural disasters on March 11 and made all paralyzed industry, not the exception of automotive. This condition is then pushed Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) proposes the option of rotation between the production of automobile assembly plants in the State Sakura.

Masami Doi, a spokesman for Toyota, as reported by Bloomberg on Monday (3/28/2011), stated, Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association / JAMA) should consider to restore factory turns production of all existing brands. Without the cooperation of all parties, the industry is difficult to adapt to the electricity supply deficit.

The Japanese automotive leaders in a short time is rumored to soon meet to discuss the determination of the rotation schedule.This option becomes an alternative for the principal to avoid suspension of production total (blackout). Other options that may be discussed, reduction of power consumption on each plant so that the limited supply sufficient for all brands.

Related to this plan, Masami Doi admitted there has been no decision taken together. While Toshitake Inoshita, a spokesman for Nissan Motor Company, describes a similar, yet there is discussion among other automotive brands in Japan, both concerned and the other rotation options. However, Toshitake sure, all the principals are willing to work together to save each of the remaining electric power.

Explosion nuclear power plants owned by Tokyo Electric Power Company in Fukushima Daiichi resulted in reduced supplies 15 percent of the existing needs. As a result, nearly all the principal automotive production stopped because every day of 8500 megawatts and supply shortages in the peak position reached 55,000 megawatts.

According to IHS Automotive research institution, if conditions in Japan's automobile production did not resume operations within six months after a natural disaster, the potential lost production reached 100,000 units per day from the previous position until 280000-300000 units per day.

JAMA also informed, at least 500 component manufacturers experienced production problems because the manufacturer affected by natural disasters. They are supplying components for both domestic and export needs.

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