Rumors Apparently BMW 3 Series GT Series 4

Several times today reported that BMW was preparing a 3 SeriesGran Turismo. But according to German magazine Auto Motor undSport says not a Series 3 Series 4 but new. If fact it is true, the blog BMW confirm that Series 4 is meant is a model four-doorcoupe.

This four-door sedan, still according to the blog BMW, by BMWheadquarters in Munich to rival the Audi A5. In fact, if a higherversion kupe thrusting again, he will compete at the Mercedes SLSwhose shape is smaller.

Kupe Series 4 has an interface between the Series 3 and Series5, just more stylish. The price was reportedly under the Series 6,which is now carrying the green technology. For Series 6 itself will be launched in 2012 in two versions, namely two-and four-doormodel that began to be marketed in 2012. In the market, the Series 4 will compete directly at the Mercedes CLS or the AudiA7.

Additional information, recently BMW also offered Series 2 for theAmerican market, which previously heavily touted 1 Series coupeand konvertibelnya model.

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