Tottenham Ready Madrid Surprise

London - Facing Real Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur not a seeded team to qualify for the next round. But that does not mean Spurs can not afford to get rid of one of the favorite team champions.

According the draw, Spurs will face Real Madrid in the quarter-finals. In theory, child care Harry Redknapp was no match for the Spanish giants.

While the opposing team had a name and track record is much more convincing, the Spurs deserve to be confident. The Lily Whites had a good capital to ever beat two great teams of Europe namely Inter Milan (in the group stage) and AC Milan in the last 16.

Harry Redknapp has admitted his squad conscious with underdog status. Los Blancos But you should not underestimate the claimed Redknapp's Spurs have the players who could trouble Cristiano Ronaldo et al.

"Not many people gave us a chance to qualify from group stage. Now many say that Real are going to qualify (the semis)," said Redknapp told The Sun.

"But we certainly have the players who will make them anxious and this will be the exact night when we returned to our place while we were there. Faced with the big teams we inspire rather than intimidate us. They've got a big name in football and Mourinho is a great manager.

"We've worked hard to get this far, so we will continue again," he finished.

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