Cavani refuse compared to Maradona in Napoli club

Napoli striker Edison Cavani, declined compared with Napoli legend Diego Maradona. He was not worthy aligned with the Naples public idol.

Cavani actually already become a public idol city. Note 29 goals in 40 games that he lakoni with the "I Partenopei" make supporters laud his name. For that, many on loan from Palermo players equate this with Maradona.

"The comparison with Maradona did not affect me. Diego was unique and he's a player who is very difficult to imitate. I could never be compared to Maradona. he is the idol and the god of the city (Naples), "said Cavani.

"But I want to leave the trail here in Naples," he continued.

Cavani then explains why he prefers Naples rather than the big teams like Juventus and Inter Milan.

"There are many points in life and it makes you understand what path you take. After the World Cup, people talk about a lot of teams. But then I heard about Naples and the people here give me time to think. Napoli showed confidence in me, "he said.

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