Audi R8 is enough to make people spellbound.

GERMANY - In essence, the view Audi R8 is enough to make people spellbound. But Anderson's home modifications that bermaskas in Germany, was tempted to change the look of a sports car into a more modern look with dark colors that look sleek and elegant.
Two-door car, dubbed Hyper Black Edition that appear very different than the standard version, because it has undergone changes in almost all sectors. Starting in terms of Interior, Exterior, and machine parts in modif by the designer.
Starting the engine, though still using the Hyper Black Edition 5200 cc V10 engine, this time the designer Anderson to replace replace some of its components, so that was the power of the Audi R8 is now only 525 hp 589 hp.
Quoted from autoevolution, Wednesday (15/3/2011), to enhance the sporty, Hyper Black Edition is equipped costum exhaust that sporty and 22kg lighter.
In addition, this car uses filters water sports and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) which has been re-function gives a chance to perform optimization on a machine.
As the name implies, Hyper Black Edition was designed with the overall appearance of black color, both exterior and interior.
For the exterior of this car on the coated carbon fiber front spoiler, rear spoiler, to the rear diffuser. In addition, to add a sporty yet elegant, the designers use size 19-inch rims with Orange Racing additional color on the edges.
As for the interior, Hyper Black Edition still uses carbon fiber in the dressing Orange Alcantara leather, sport steering wheel and other special materials.
"After reaching speeds of 100 km / h, rear spoiler automatically moves such as using magic, so the car looks like a UFO," explained Anderson German.

 source: oke zone

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