China launched a mini cooper car

BEIJING - It seems nothing is impossible in a replica made ​​by Chinese manufacturers. Ranging from electronic goods, furniture, to cars.

Sebuha Chinese automakers reportedly mimic the shape of the start of the Rolls Royce to the last several BMW models, such as the BMW X1. Ironically, the car is a clone of the BMW X1 is made by BMW's partner in China, Brilliane.

Now turn that makes the car manufacturer Geely Geely Emgrand latest EC6-RV. The design of this car is very similar to the car BMW MINI output.

This car uses a capacity of 1300 cc engine that is assisted with a turbo charger. The machine was then mated with a six-speed manual transmission.

As reported by Wolrcarfans, Thursday (14/04/2011), scheduled this car will be exhibited at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, which will take place from next week.

Although similar to the MINI Cooper, but the size is 3845 meters length: 100 millimeters said more than MINI. Wheelbasenya was 6 millimeters longer the 2467 meters.

In fact, not only from China Geely car manufacturers who make products similar to the MINI Cooper. The reason, in November last year, Chongqing Lifan Industry makes Lifan 320 that looks too similar to the MINI Cooper. What nonsense!

source: oke zone

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