exotic designs nearly flawless (lack of), modification Novitec Tridente challenged to modify the Maserati Gran Cabrio.

It seems it's never enough and satisfied in the modification. Although he was born with an exotic design that was almost flawless (lack of), but still, home modifications Novitec Tridente challenged to modify the Maserati Gran Cabrio.
To be able to run faster than the standard model, Nivitec dispensing capacity of 4700 cc V8 engine capable of physical exertion for 440 hp at 7000 rpm and 490 nm torque at 4750 rpm.
Not quite, dipasanglah supercharger power system in conjunction with cooling systems and modifications watercooled intercooled car computer system (ECU).
With a change like this, two-door car power jumped to 590 hp at 7300 rpm and 572 Nm of torque. For acceleration, Maserati Grand Cabrio is capable of running from rest to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds.
Powerful engine of course less fun if the sound produced is not able to increase the driver's adrenalin. For that, Novitec menawarkanstainless steel exhaust system made of pure human hand. Dikalim disposal system is capable of producing melodious voice gahar but typical supercar.
For its better handling, Novitec also presents KW coilover aluminum sport suspension.
Appearances, of course, a major concern. For that Novitec provide a rim measuring 20 inches at the front wheels, and 21 inches at the rear wheels.
Then there is also enhancing aerodynamics package, which consists of front spoiler, side skirts, rear apron and boot lid spoiler. Everything is claimed to be made using carbon fiber materials. However, Novitec has not been willing to mention how much it cost to change the horse's owner.

source: oke zone

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