Green Ball UFO sightings in Brisbane

Brooklyn is the latest entrants in the small green creature. This is a residential area of ​​a character named Ralph Kramden, who is always threatening to send her to the moon in a situational comedy TV program (sitcom) titled 'The Honeymooners'.

In the event, Ralph Kramden made ​​24-hour hotline specifically UFO (Unidentified flying objects), first in the world. With the hotline, the population of New York is expected to report if they meet a green alien.

Apparently, on a fictional story inspired a man named Joe Capp, 68, a retired computer consultant in Sheepshead Bay. He made ​​space hotline in February last, and noted there are about two dozen reported sightings from around the city.

"How they want to report this when all the people who do not believe it scare them?" he told The Post, quoted VIVAnews, Tuesday, April 12, 2011.

"I saw these witnesses as a source of reliable and better than those who do not care about the surrounding circumstances," said Capp.

So far, from nearly 12 incoming calls, sightings of the most impressive is when a female witness claims to have seen three lights moving in unison in the sky Park Slope, the famous district in Brooklyn, New York.

Capp said the hotline is a new discourse by UFO observers group meeting in Manhattan restaurant in 2007.

"It was nice to hear the experience together," said one member named Julio Barrière. She, tells the Capp, ever seen a UFO hovering in the sky bright. (SJ)


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