Messenger Whatsapp one advantage nokia

 Using OVI Chat in the latest phones Nokia was not enough to boost the popularity of chat services among users of the Nokia. Now there is a 'weapon' reliable new Nokia to compete with chat services via mobile phones ie Whatsapp Messenger.
Whatsapp Messenger is one of the applications featured in the Nokia Break Free program which was launched on Friday (08/04/2011) last week. Chat application that allows users to send messages and files images, sound, and video that can be used cross-platform and not complicated to use.
"To connect with friends via Whatsapp Messenger, no need to ask for the PIN and wait in-approve.Yang need to do is ask for phone numbers only. If the existing telephone numbers in the phonebook, then that person automatically becomes our friend. So, baseball needs to fuss again, "said the Head of Service and Portfolio of Nokia Indonesia Haryati Lawidjaja.
He said that Whatsapp Messenger application itself is not exclusive to Nokia. Some other brands of mobile phones also can use Whatsapp Messenger. However, even with cross-platform application that allows users not constrained barriers so that they can freely communicate from your Nokia phone to another phone as a voice communication or SMS.
When asked whether the presence of Nokia with Whatsapp Messenger is an effort to defeat the penetration of the main features of the BlackBerry with BlackBerry Messenger, Haryati replied diplomatically. "Actually, baseball-related beating. But we better look at the needs of consumers. Still, no denying that the service capability Whatsapp Blackberry Messenger and Messenger have in common. Both allow users to send text and image files, voice and video as easy as sending an SMS. Thus, competition both through the service is very possible, "he said.
So, whether Whatsapp Messenger will help Nokia beat BlackBerry Messenger? Haryati only replied with optimism that Whatsapp Messenger will use a lot of people, especially with still many people who use Nokia.
"Of all mobile phone users 70 percent still use Nokia. Let's say 10 percent use mobile phones that can support applications Whatsapp Messenger," he said. According to him, with the number of users of the Nokia's, Whatsapp Messenger is very likely to use more people


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