his Ferrari car melinda dee

Some time ago, police seized a number of race cars owned by the suspect breaker Citibank customer accounts, Inong Melinda Malinda aka Dee. One of the cars that attract attention, the red Ferrari California.
According to one friend suspects, Malinda often bring this super luxury car to the office. Actually, this racing car can be used daily like a regular sedan?
Ferrari, Italian automobile manufacturer, is known as a maker of super racing car. Almost all high-powered automobile output. Just by touching the gas pedal just a little, Ferrari cars can drive hundreds of miles per hour. So most Ferrari can not be driven in a traffic jam, such as Jakarta.
Unlike the Ferrari California, the car is priced Rp 4 billion-5 was able to walk with a speed of 70 kilometers per hour in stable condition with seven tooth positions. Obviously, this is the only Ferrari that can be used on a city street.
However, Ferrari is still Ferrari. Although suitable for use in practical situations, DNA is beperforma Jingkrak high horse stays in the body of California. The car that was launched in late 2008, can be raced 100 kilometers per hour from the state stopped less than four seconds. California also can be driven with a speed of 310 kilometers per hour.
Flexibility in California that could be used in low and high speeds, thanks to direct fuel injection system (fuel direct-injection) paired with the latest on the engine capacity of 4.3 liter, 8 cylinder. With that capacity, California has the power 460 bhp at 7750 rpm engine speed and engine torque of 485 Nm at 3500 rpm engine speed. In addition, California is the only Ferrari engine installed on the front.
Speaking of comfort, of course it is unquestionable. Ferrari seem to quite understand the needs of consumers by simply plugging a lot of entertainment features. Among connector iPods, sat nav, 6.5-inch touch screen, and USB ports. No less important, Calif. roof can open the lid within 14 seconds.
When launched in Indonesia, in June 2009, the Ferrari California sold out 14 units directly. Eight units shipped that year, and the remainder shipped 2010

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