Toyota Prius plug- in

Once popular with its eco-friendly, are now increasingly green Toyota Prius with bringing the Prius plug-in version on display in Frankfurt.

Even the claim that the Toyota Prius Plug-in version of this is the most green cars in the world by CO2 emissions gasbuang 60gram/km only. However, total production will be very limited, starting in early 2010, only 500 pieces.

Battery replace used Toyota Prius Plug-ins on this from Nicker Metal Hydride (NiMH) Lithium-Ion into a smaller and lighter. Although smaller and lighter Li-Ion battery is able to accommodate more power and thus allows the Prius to drive with a 20 km electric only, two times further than the current version.

The most amount of change lies in the fuel injection system. Prius Plug-ins can be charged by plugging the charging connector batterenya into standard 230 volt power and will be full in 90 minutes. Where the standard Prius to fill batterenya using gasoline engine and less efficient or "green".

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