Japanese prime minister's plan to rebuild the country japan

Prime Minister (PM) of Japan Naoto Kan request advisory panel issued a creative plan to rebuild areas devastated by natural disasters on March 11 in eastern Japan.
Kan on the day to attend the inaugural meeting of advisory panel assigned to study the blueprint for the reconstruction of disaster areas.
Fourteen members of the panel are the governors of three prefectures of the most severely affected, namely Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima. The panel is chaired by the President of the National Defence Academy and his deputy Makoto Iokibe, a political scientist Takashi Mikuriya.

Reporting from NHK, on Thursday (04/14/2011), sessions began with a moment of silence for the victims of disaster.
Kan said the Japanese disaster this time is the worst since World War II. The panel will discuss how to overcome the crisis and rebuild Japan. Kan wants the panel to provide a creative plan for reconstruction rather than just restore areas devastated by the earthquake back like a previous state.
Kan asked the panel submit their proposals before the end of June that the government could prepare a basic step for reconstruction.
Meanwhile Iokibe said, the need to build a new environment for the Japanese community so they can have new hope. He expects the panel to give wisdom and enthusiasm to revive Japan.

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