Egyptian bloggers have tasted freedom

Since the regime of Hosni Mubarak of Egypt leading up to 30 years, a number of activists who are advocating for freedom and human rights are always silenced, including the activist bloggers.

But after Hosni stepped down from his post as president, everything changed. Even for the first time a blogger who has been sentenced to prison for three years, Maikel Nabil Sanad, was finally released from prison.

Launched by New York Times on Wednesday (13/04/2011), Sanad is a blogger who also works as a veterinarian. He was jailed for having opposed the government and criticized the Egyptian military.

Sanad was arrested last month amid the violence that is directed by the military, or military elements, against those protesters who remained in Tahrir Square in Cairo.

Egypt, for many years, has been among the most gruesome in theabuse of social media users . Activists who are considered directly rebel picked up, with the action of the beating, arresting, torturing and imprisoning bloggers and Facebook users. Kareem Amer spent four years in prison, in horrible circumstances, for criticizing Islam and the regime of Mubarak.

"But now everything has changed, the bloggers and activists who oppose the regime have been released. I hope this will be a happy ending,"
source: oke zone

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