latest version of VW Beetle 2011 or generation-3

 From last night until tomorrow Volkswagen AG held a party in three continents. Inter-continental feast marks the rebirth of the model that had become an icon and make VW famous, the Beetle. "The world is home Beetle," VW's statement in a release. Means, Beetle will be marketed to the world!
In many countries, the VW Beetle had its own designation. In Indonesia, known as the Beetle: the fans very much and until now still exist. While in other countries, according to VW, it is called, among others, Käfer, Vocho, Coccinelle, Fusca and Maggiolino.
3rd GenerationThe latest version of the newly introduced, is the 3rd generation or second generation of New Beetle. The first generation born in 1938 and second 1998. The second generation has achieved sales of 21.5 million. Khsusu for the second generation of one million more!
The third generation remains despite appearances to the identity of the original Beetle: It consists of three half-spheres, namely the front and rear wheels and the middle or cabin. Further, between the generation-2 and 3 total different.
Typical CharacteristicsAlthough performed on Beetel Revitalization Generation-3, but features the original Beetle remained knetal. The main forms of the headlamps, fixed round. Nevertheless, the technology is present. This can be seen from the side of the main light comes bagia 15 units of LED that serves as a light lunch and parking. Especially for big lights, VW also offers the option, bi-xenon.
According to VW's original features remain preserved for all to easy menggenal cars when passing. "Upon seeing blur, people can ensure, Ohh .. the Beetle! As people recognize the Coke bottle, iPhone and Ray Ban Aviator, "beber VW.

The other is the model of a sloping rear, although the glass is now more broadly. No less interesting, now equipped with a rear spoiler which is under the base glass. For wheels, VW has been prepared, will be fitted with a diameter of 19 inches to the top!.
Because marketed worldwide, VW tried to make it affordable, although until now there has been announced. The latest technology embedded engines (petrol and diesel) with the most advanced technology, security systems, information systems and advanced navigation and entertainment.
More CeperAccording to VW designer Klaus Bischoff, now looks Beetle dashing, dynamic and more manly. "Compared with the Beetle, 1998, versions of which are now neat and sporty. Version is more flat, wide, hood (bonnet) machines longer, more sloping windshield to belakag. This is the dynamics of the VW Beetle, "said Bischoff.
The concept is a continuation of flat recognized Ragster VW showcased at the Detroit Auto Show 2005. The latter car is "hot rod" with the base New Beetle. This New Beetle Dimensions: Length 4278 mm (length over 152 mm), width 1808 mm (84 mm wider), height 1486 mm (over flat 12 mm).
InteriorBeetle cockpit design now considered unique, calm and classical. The use of color in the dashboard panel to make appearances such as Kevlar and is designed with style first-generation Beetle. The entire cockpit and interior redesign experience.
Another feature of the car are the three round instruments are prepared in front of the driver (tachometer, speedometer and fuel indicator), was incorporated in the speedometer (in center), on a multi-purpose screen. Same with the original Beetle, the new version is equipped box (glove box) that incorporates additional dashboard and folded up. Another classic feature is an additional instrument on the audio and navigation systems, namely the oil temperature, clock with stopwatch function and turbo pressure indicator. Steering wheel also comes with a new design!
Since it is flat, the interior height is now 1044 mm (previously 1082 mm). Despite the reduced 39 mm, according to VW does not cause problems for passengers who berubuh tall. Because the interior is made with the concept of the cathedral. Hence, the rear passengers, because the roof is now longer, get more space in relief. Space, increase, from 290 to 310 liters.
Around the world the Beetle will be offered in three fixtures, with the name "Beetle", "Design" and "Sport" (details announced later). Another interesting feature, the glass roof that can be opened and dijungkitkan. Glass roof on the new Beetle is 80 percent larger than previous versions, capable of absorbing 99 percent and 92 percent of ultraviolet radiation of heat energy.

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