Volkswagen approve the sketches made ​​by designers from Indonesia

A pride, one of the famous German carmaker, Volkswagen agreed to sketch made ​​by designers from Indonesia to be the design of Volkswagen Beetle 2012.

Automotive designers from Indonesia, which boasts it is Chris Lesmana. Lesmana who now lives in Germany has made a sketch design for the VW Beetle it since 4 years ago, as quoted Okezone from Autoweek, Wednesday (20/4/211).

He designed the new VW design is based on the imagination will dream car.

The design of this new VW car designed Lesmana become more rounded, long roof and lower, and the wheel is made larger.

The new design is characterized by a more drawn out fenders, lights and interior bixenon colorful, with a dashboard according to the color of the car body.

Draft Lesmana it has won the attention of Volkswagen Group boss, Martin Winterkorn, who gave the green light for the final draft which was the brainchild Lesmana. The design was almost no change.

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