Power Window Honda Jazz GD3 often experience damage

Honda Jazz Hatchback GD3 could rule the country market of his time. For those of you who want to buy a Honda Jazz this type you must pay attention to Power Window, the mover window.

Power Window Honda Jazz GD3 reported impairment often experience problems or damaged. Beginning with a window to feel the weight increase at one time was not possible up and drop off window.

Tips to overcome Power Window Problem
Here are tips you can take to overcome them:

    1. Clean the power window motor and mechanism. This one step requires expertise, it is better left to the experts at a rate of about USD 50,000 - USD 100,000 per motor.
    2. Replace the failing unit. The price varied. Can be purchased at the Official Shop (Beres) or hunting in the car market. Rates on secured car market is more affordable but make sure that you buy things rather than reconditioning. For reference, the price can start from Rp 500,000. Of course, depending on the brand and also the cost of works.

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