Up using environmentally friendly energy for its operation

A number of Greenpeace activists flooded the headquarters page up in California yesterday, Wednesday, April 13, 2011. They urged up to use environmentally friendly energy for its operation.

As dikethaui, up over this use of natural resources non-renewable such as coal to run the data center (data center) and other operational.

In the action, the activists of environmental organizations on an international scale is very large computer screen display. In it, there is live streaming commentary Greenpeace environmentalists around the world. They are most urgent up to the revolution of energy.

"We want them to leave the coal and start using energy 'green'. A few," said Greenpeace spokesperson Daniel Kessler, as quoted bangkokpost.com, Thursday, April 14, 2011.

It is estimated there are about a dozen activists who volunteered to participate in this action. In between the action, they are occasionally up to welcome the employees who came to office in Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, California.

"We think not a few people up who are on our side. So, we also want to recruit them," said Kessler.

About a week ago, Facebook actually has introduced a data center more green, less expensive, and energy efficient.

The world's largest social networking was redesigned hardware, power supply, and the architecture of data centers located in the U.S.. With this small revolution, up claims has saved at least 38 percent of energy consumption and 24 percent of the cost. These figures are even below the average industry expenditure.

In connection with Greenpeace, Facebook itself has been discussed previously. The meeting held a day earlier in San Francisco was asked up to promote the Open Compute Project.

"We will continue to engage in environmental activities, both with Greenpeace or similar organizations, in addressing environmental issues that are important and are global. Including energy efficiency and using renewable energy," said Facebook.

Banner reading "Facebook: Join the Energy Revolution", which was taken when staged, reportedly will be placed on the headquarters building up on this day, local time, weather permitting. 

source: VIVAnews

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