With the launch of the iPad 2 computers PC much decreased

For the first time since two years ago, PC shipments in the first quarter 2011 has decreased.
PC market slowdown was influenced by the competition faced from segment tablet computer, component delays caused by the earthquake Japan, as well as soaring oil and commodity prices.
"With the launch of the iPad 2 in February, more and more customers are shifting to alternative devices, or simply refrain from buying a PC computer. We are considering whether this trend will give long-term consequences to the PC computer market or not," said Mikako Kitagawa, an analyst from Gartner, as quoted from the site of IT World.
According to Kitagawa, now the price of cheap PCs that are no longer able to attract shoppers and stimulate growth. Gartner also said that sales of PCs are still saved on the sale of the business sector, driven by cycles of rejuvenation of old computers.
As reported by the Financial Times website, Gartner's count, a decline in PC shipment volume by 1.1 percent in first quarter 2011, from 85.1 million units amounting to 84.2 million units. Whereas previously thought, in the quarter that the PC will be pocketed by 3 percent growth.
In fact, IDC research noted a more drastic decline in the first quarter of this ie by 3.2 percent from 83.2 million units to 80.5 million units. In fact, IDC had expected a growth of 1.5 occurred in this sector.
Gartner noted, despite its PC computer sales slipped to 3.4 percent of Hewlett-Packard still stay in the top PC vendors, with total shipments of 14.8 million units.
In the second place, Acer's PC shipments also affected by a decline of 12.2 percent with 10.89 million units. Furthermore, Dell also dropped 2.2 percent to 9.98 sebear million million units.
Lenovo Group of China was in fourth position shows the strongest growth among the top six vendors, with growth of 16.6 percent or 8.14 million units due to a more competitive price advantage.

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