Android phone seems astonishing achievements

Sales figures released by research institutions the world has shown how the Android phone is so astonishing achievement. In Indonesia, it has not been hit too, but slowly started rising. There are some benchmarks, increasing the number of en-android to penetrate 7,000 people is a remarkable achievement. Perhaps a community-based homogeneity of the biggest favorite in the IT and telecommunications sector. And, in a short period. Meleknya consumers who then flooded the sales until the queue line also could mark the improvement itself.
Departure from this phenomenon, FORSEL magazine also conducts research using a survey method. A total of about 100 people Android users to the respondent. The result is as follows;
1. Samsung Top Brand.
Android phones Samsung ranked highest owned by the user. As many as 54 percent of users are users of this brand. Followed by HTC as much as 29 percent. While Sony Ericsson took 11 percent.

2. OS Version Froyo been mushrooming.
Apparently version Donut and Cupcake was abandoned. The majority have been using version Froyo, as many as 57 percent. indeed some are still using the Eclair that is 23 percent. He cried 11 percent use the OS that is not official.
3. Package Unlimited Hard Practice.
Data plan is an absolute requirement, and therefore unlimited packages as offered by the operator, not less than 77 percent plan to use this data packet. While based on only 20 per cent quota.
4.Biaya Under USD 100 Thousand least preferred.
If there is a service that offers unlimited package under $ 100 thousand per month, could be a prima donna. As many as 51 percent claimed to pay between Rp 50.000, - to Rp 100,000, - per month to operate the phone Androidnya.Yang was in the range of more than 100 thousand to 150 thousand silver silver is quite good, that is 17 percent. In fact, more than 150 thousand silver was menapai 11 percent.
5. Many Feeling No / Not Satisfied.
It seems that the operator must make improvements in the sector of data traffic. How not 51 percent of users claim to have not or are not satisfied with the service network for this. Particularly in terms of network stability. Score 49 per cent (satisfied users) do not quite regarded as a success value operator.
6. Four to six hours a day Ber-Android.
Beyond the features of voice and message, how long the average user a "bercengkarama" with its Android mobile phone? The answer is 37 percent spend four to six hours. While the more "crazy" again admitted to 10 hours per day (29 percent).
7. Experience Application Number One.
Although Android is often called a hard match the iPhone in terms of application, but the fact is precisely the majority Android users "play" applications (29 percent). Social networking and email in the rankings respectively two and three (respectively 23 percent and 20 percent). Multimedia and chat it was not too much. Both are below 10 percent. While the games interesting enough interest (14 percent).
This research will open our least about Android user patterns. Including the part of industry participants, whether as a service provider network operators, vendors who actively prepare the mobile-phone, as well as application developers to continue to bear the work as required.
What else is there other data that says that users expect a better processor, especially with dual-core capabilities (72 per cent want a dual core). While the phone with three-dimensional display capability was deemed not necessary (57 percent).

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