The leader of Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, reportedly shot in the head in a military operation by U.S. special forces

The leader of Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, reportedly shot in the head in a military operation by U.S. special forces. The U.S. government is rumored to do some tests to confirm the identity of Osama.
U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has carried out technical analysis of face recognition using a photo and receive confirmation of these victims is Osama.
The test results deoxyribo nucleic acid (DNA) also make sure the victims are men who have been the number one U.S. fugitive.
Although there is no detailed explanation of how the tests performed against Osama bin Laden, Dr. Frederick Bieber, genetic scientists from Brigham and Women Hospital, Boston USA, said that DNA analysis is a procedure commonly done to prove that the victim died hampered by the difficulty of sampling cells from the body which have been destroyed.
DNA testing is often done in the bombing case, criminal cases, seeking the identity of biological parents, or ensure that victims of accidents and natural disasters.
Bieber explained, DNA identification is done by comparing the pieces of the body with the victim's DNA sample source. Various sources of DNA can be obtained from drops of blood, semen, bones, hair, feces, or used personal equipment, such as a comb or brush your teeth.
If the source of DNA samples that can not be obtained, the identification of DNA samples can be family members. This was also done in this case Osama.
Genetic Markers
When the sample is obtained from sources, the analysts then perform partial isolation of DNA from each sample, and then reproduced. The next process is to process the samples into a tool that serves to analyze markers derived genetik-kode/sinyal on family members. Usually, Bieber said, DNA testing is testing around 15 genetic markers.
By way of see the similarities and differences in each sample, the analyst can calculate how likely these two or more persons related to each other. The analysts also consider how often or rare genetic marker appears in the general population.
"If you lower allele (one gene type) are rare, most likely you will be interconnected," said Bieber.
U.S. claims, since 9 / 11 attacks they have collected DNA samples from several family members of Osama.
According to ABC News, one of the samples used for the identification belonged to Osama's sister who died of brain cancer about a year ago at Massachusetts General Hospital. After death, the U.S. government reportedly take brain tissue samples for genetic testing.
The results of DNA tests conducted on the man who was shot in Abbottabad, Pakistan, reportedly has a 99.9 percent certainty with Osama bin Laden. Certainties are making President Barack Obama boldly announced to the public perhal deaths of most wanted terror group leaders were on Sunday.

source : Oke zone

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