Angry gaming competition to fight robots Birds

Angry Birds gaming competition was now much in the title in some countries but soon could be Angry Birds will be no competition against a robot.

Yes because OptoFidelity, an optical-based technology company has developed a special robot fingers to play the game. The company is also headquartered in Finland, as well as Nokia and Rovio-designing robots that can touch panel mobile phones and game play automatically.

"Because OptoFidelity have experience with touch screen and performance testing for mobile devices using video systems and optical measurement, is not difficult to apply the application to such needs,

If you just make a robot to play the game on the touch screen, according to OptoFidelity very easy. The difficult part is how the robot can bermian Angry Birds game with levels of varying difficulty. In the demonstration, use the Nokia N8.

Intrigued by the robot players Angry Birds, OptoFidelity've uploaded some videos when demonstrated. Video how the process of making and the technology used is also included.


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