Google invests in a number of giant projects generating green energy.

The company's biggest search engine in the world today, Google invested in a number of giant projects generating green energy. What does Google with mega projects that clean energy?

In the United States today some IT companies such as Yahoo, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Akamai is a huge energy suck. Just imagine, every company is to serve millions of users must have thousands of data centers spread across various regions. How much electricity is needed?

Environmental organization Greenpeace routinely monitor the energy use of each company's technology. Until recently, most used energy source is coal, so this is bad for the earth. Data is the latest release of Greenpeace said that the company Steve Jobs, Apple, a company "dirtiest" because it relies on coal to generate energy for their data centers. While Yahoo! is the cleanest company. Then where the position of Google?

Although not the cleanest, Google demonstrated their commitment in providing clean and renewable energy. No half-hearted now Google has released a fund of 350 million U.S. dollars for clean energy projects them. This fund is the largest ever issued by the IT companies to develop clean energy and renewable energy

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