duel Barcelona and Manchester United became the best game in the season but Sir Alex Ferguson had other opinions

Many are considered, duel Barcelona and Manchester United became the best game of the season. But manager Sir Alex Ferguson believes another. For him, this fight is a prestigious match in the end of this decade. Speaking at a press conference ahead of crucial match which took place at Wembley, Ferguson was so enthusiastic about looking at the battle win the Champions League crown this season. Flashback to the rear, this fight is the final replay 2009 ago. Two years ago in Rome, United must recognize the benefits of Barcelona. But of course, the final edition of 2011 is to be different. With a map of the equitable power of both camps to make sure Ferguson, the party will be presenting the final determination of the ideal. "(The game) this could be the best at the end of this decade.  According to him, the status of both teams is thick with the tradition of champions make the match full of emotion and pride that become a magnet for the ball enthusiast throughout the earth. The attraction of two great teams with great history. It's an interesting final. That anything can happen in this game. Anything can happen. Maybe there are a lot of goals, excitement. Hopefully it happens like that, "continued Ferguson predicts a match that took place in the monumental stadium in the UK, Wembley Interpreters in England veteran tactics were added. "Just like we did, we recognize the quality of our opponents. It is not wise if we do not focus on what other teams can do. We always respect your opponent. "

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