Angry game Birds, Rovio will adopt NFC technology into the social world.

Communcation Near Field Technology (NFC) which is predicted to bloom in the near future, now also will be adopted by the game Angry Birds Yes, game developers plan Angry Birds, Rovio, in the near future will bring the game Angry Birds Magic. The game is planned to be present for this Nokia, will adopt NFC technology into the social world. Reported by TG Daily, Angry Birds Magic players when put together their smartphone with each other, can exchange points and unlock new game levels. Exactly what is owned by the NFC. NFC itself allows mobile users or other devices via a compatible receiver to access the content or complete the transaction. Been used for many years with an access card access door and credit card machines.RFID technology itself is almost the same as that in the NFC handset. The difference in these Radio Frequency Identification, transponder embedded in the SIM Card.

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