The electric car trial fluence Z.R.

The car was ranked first in the circuit during test maneuvers ADAC, Lihthe, Berlin. Cars that disupiri by Gregory Fargier from Renault Sport Technologie noted waktun 2.02 minutes or 5 seconds faster than the record set Tesla electric car.

Fluence Z.E. also received an award as a car with a "Best Energy Efisiesi." For a distance of 300 km, fluence energy spent only 37.44 kWh. Efficiency is obtained from the technology used and the techniques of driving 'Renault Eco Driving "by Gregory Fargier with his partner Sylvie Savornin.

car test
Renault fluence also obtain the best value for emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2). Based on the calculations of experts and specialists Michelin, fluence just issued a 57 g / km of CO2. Lower than emissions produced hybrid vehicles and fuel cell (fuel-cell).

Further, the energy efficient competition in the form of rallies, the fluence only takes once to replace the battery for a distance of 300 km. When replacement is rapid, just 6 minutes. To process this quick replacement, Renault perform minor modifications to the tooling and equipment replacement battery.

It was also announced, Nissan's alliance partner Renault, also received an award at this event, Leaf won the rally the city with the distance of 30 km, beating the Citroen C-Zero and Ions Peugeot (both use the same base electric vehicles, Mitsubishi iMiEV.

Race shaped this rally distance of 300 km centered at Berlin Tempelhof Airport. After the start from here, the participants headed to the Brandenburg gate, across the other areas in the city of Berlin, to the ADAC Driving Safety Centre in Linthe, to Potsdam and back into Tempelhof.

Finally, the vehicle of participants who generally come from the world's car manufacturers, its performance is measured again, the emission of CO2, noise, fuel efficiency, acceleration, braking, ability to maneuver on wet and dry surfaces.

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