new Honda Jazz has received five star rating

Honda Australia announced that the new Honda Jazz has received five star rating. This accomplishment, thanks to some active and passive safety features that exist in the Jazz.

Jazz is equipped with six airbags, two front airbags for driver and passenger, two side airbags and two long airbags. Vehicles city car also uses an intelligent seat belt.

When the vehicle detects a threat that close, the belts will be tightened to keep passengers remain in their place. Next, gradually removed to limit the pressure on the chest.

The electronic stability control, a vehicle equipped with Honda's Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA). Brake control system that combines the individual, strength machines and Traction Control to maintain the fixed cars on the track. Jazz relies Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE), which makes passenger untouched injured in accident cases.

"Jazz also features Honda's Advanced Compatibility Engineering, which help protect drivers and passengers in the event of an accident. ACE using a chassis Jazz made ​​in several sections of steel,"said Honda in a press release.

"Jazz has a five-star safety. Jazz combines all the advanced technology and also stylish, versatile, outstanding value and fun to drive," said Mr Stephen Collins, Honda Australia General Manager, Sales and Marketing.

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