information to play RF online

General Information

  • Name - The name of the character 
  • Nation - Nation characters 
  • Gender - Gender of characters (L / W) 
  • Level - Level characters
  • Profession basic - the basic character Professions (Warrior / ranger / Spiritualist / specialist)
  • Profession - Profession (change professions at Lv30 and Lv40)
  • Ranking - Ranking national character (1-8)
  • Shared cont Points - The number of points collected Contributions
  • Guild - Guild character 
Status Information

  • HP - Hit Points
  • FP - Force Points
  • SP - Stamina Points
  • Def. Gauge - measures that show the armor defense
  • Exp. Point - Percent who had gained exp to level up
  • Attack - Strength attack at close range or long-distance
  • Force Attack - Strength-force attack
  • Def. Pwr. - Total defense from armor and shield, plus the supporting skill or accessories
  • Def. Rate - The value of power armor, which affects Def Gauge
  • Attack speed - The number of attacks per second character
  • Accuracy - Accuracy of seragan characters
  • Dodge - Level dodge characters
 Information Ability (PT)

  • Distance near - Create a character can use armor and weapons at close range. Improve a little stamina. Increasing the strength of the attack at close range.
  • Distance - Create a character can use armor and weapons over long distances. Increase Stamina. Increasing the strength of long-distance attacks.
  • Summon (Cora) - Allows you to summon Animus lv higher.
  • Launcher (Accretia) - Allows you to use a higher level of armor Weapon Launcher and Launcher. Increase the attack strength Launcher.
  • Unit (Bellato) - Allows you to do the upgrade MAU with better components. (Terms levels must also be met).
  • Force - Allows you to use the Force Armor Sticks and higher levels. Increasing the power of Force attacks.
  • Shield - Makes you use a shield with a higher level. And increasing block rate.
  • Defense - Increases maximum HP. 
Security Information Element

Shows the resilience of the characters of the four types of elements: Fire, Water, Soil, Wind. Resilience is obtained from the armor, upgrade equipment and accessories. They reduce the amount of attack elements, such as Force attack.

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