RF online know from the beginning

RF Online (or Rising Force Online) is an online game (MMORPG) with the feel of a combination of fantasy and the future with an interesting theme. Starting in a galaxy called Novus, players can choose one of 3 people who are to prosper the nation and fought to conquer the entire universe. Bela your people and be part of history in RF Online, No End Battle.

Being a patriot RF can not be just a part of one individual only, but is part of a nation where patriotic spirit is needed by every nation in the face of war with another nation. RF Online has a chip war is a battle between the Nation vs. Nation vs Nation 3 times a day every 8 hours. This gives the Patriot RF endless battle. The battle between 3 people is a new atmosphere, which can not be done simply by relying on force alone but needed cohesiveness of the whole nation under the leadership of the nation. Choose your nation and bring your friends to play together as countrymen and friends bertempurlah with them.

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